Cable and hoses have always been our world. 
We construct quality products for advanced professionals capable of appreciating mechanics, technology, and Italian design. 

We are proud to be an Italian company that works worldwide: where there is an automatic reel, there’s MAVEL

We are proud that people think of us as a one-product business. 

We believe that specialisation is an opportunity, not a limitation: it challenges us to develop and evolve, with a vision of the future and new technologies, functional articles that are attractive, sturdy, and rigorously Made in Italy

Our ideas can become reality, taking the form of solutions that combine tradition and innovation. This is the hallmark that our clients have learned to recognise and appreciate.

And a great little invention: Slow Motion, patented by Mavel, to optimise the gradual and steady winding of cables and hoses. Who said that once a product has been developed, there is nothing new to discover?

Imagining the future is our mission!