Roll Master Plus - Warning Tape Reel

  • Roll Master Plus - Warning Tape Reel
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    Warning tape reels are ideally suited to industrial and commercial situations where a safety barrier is required to prevent people from entering an unsafe or restricted area. The reels can be simply mounted on a wall, the barrier tape then can be pulled across the danger zone and finally hooked on the opposite wall. The tape can then be easily and quickly retracted when access is required. It can also be installed in areas that need cordoning off for maintenance or wherever access must be denied. These reels come complete with a metal ring for hooking and they can also be equipped with the new patented SLOWMOTION system, which allows a safe and controlled rewinding of the tape.

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++#SLOWMOTION Cod. 707220*--
SLOWMOTION Cod. 707220

Cable lengthCable length
Weight Dimensions (cm) pcs x Pallet


16 m 2,7 Kg 29 x 29 x 20,5
88 pz


811720 16 m 2,7 Kg 29 x 29 x 20,5 88 pz