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    Automatic cable reel equipped with 15 m x 6 mm2 yellow/green cable and by request supplied with earth clamp certified in accordance to the regulations laid down in the standard directive 94/9/CE ATEX. This clamp allows the connection with the earthing system to create an equalization of potential between containers of inflammable products (liquids gas or powder) or those in areas of danger from explosion; this connection must be carried out respecting the appropriate regulations with the correct appliances such as the earth clamp that firmly connect to any hold (from 3 to 20 mm) even on rusty surfaces, assuring the continuity of current.

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++#SLOWMOTION Cod. 707210*--
SLOWMOTION Cod. 707210


Section Cable lengthCable length
Cable Code Pinza antideflagrante
Weight Dimensions (cm) pcs x Pallet
6 mm2 15 m H07V-K
NO 2,8 Kg 28 x 28 x 19
96 pz
6 mm2 15 m H07V-K 811500 si/yes 3,8 Kg 29 x 29 x 27,5 73 pz